Good news, Chinese ARMYs!

The alleged ban of goods from Big Hit Entertainment

In a previous happening that took place last week, it was being reported that the Chinese customs are allegedly not allowing the coming in of the merchandise products of the all-South Korean bout group BTS in the country.

The case holds the power of the alleged pro-Hong Kong message. As per Allkpop, the reason for the said ban is Chinese logistic firms stopping the delivery of goods and products from the renowned entertainment agency, Big Hit Entertainment.

Here is what the Chinese Embassy has to say about the matter

The agitating allegations that speculated online and on the community of the famous K-pop group have led the massive fandom bases of BTS to call out the Chinese officials’ attention. Moreover, ARMYS worldwide has created a gap between the Chinese netizens, calling them irresponsible for their words.

The case led the Chinese Embassy to South Korea to issue a statement. The Chinese Embassy denied the speculations and firmed that the reports are nothing but a baseless rumor. Furthermore, the embassy ensures the ARMYs, especially those who are in China, that they would still enjoy the leisure brought by the Dynamite singers.

On October 21, Jang Ha Sung, an official from the embassy, confirmed that he immediately took action upon hearing the issue of the Chinese customs banning products from Big Hit Entertainment.

He further assured the fans and the concerned people that there is no official ban mandate that demands the ban of BTS merchandise in the country.

Furthermore, Jang Ja Sung confirmed that Chinese logistic firms have not stopped delivering goods that contain products from the entertainment agency.

Additionally, a post from a company that delivered BTS merchandise before, saying that they no longer cater to any of the products, is now put in the trash.