A glimpse of an intense face-off between the two main leads, Eric and Im Joo Hwan, revealed by MBC’s upcoming drama The Spies Who Loved Me!

MBC’s upcoming drama The Spies Who Loved Me is a new suspense romantic comedy that highlights the secret of married couples torn between a spy war. The forthcoming drama tells the story of a woman who accidentally caught up in the world of espionage. Starring Yoo In Na plays the role of a beautiful wedding dress designer Kang Ah Reum, who got married twice to husbands who both harbor many secrets.

Shinhwa’s Eric will play as a charming and good looking Interpool secret agent, Jun Ji Hoon, and Kang Ah Reum’s first husband. At the same time, Im Joo Hwan portrays Derek Hyun, her second husband, who disguised as a diplomat and a highly intelligent corporate spy possessing a competitive streak.

Tensed Atmosphere

There is an uncomfortable tension between the two men in the newly released clip, undercover. Jun Ji Hoon, being a travel photographer and with his fierce glaze in the eyes, betrays his real identity as a spy, diligently surveilling Derek Hyun’s actions. On the other hand, Derek Hyun, disguised as a diplomat, exhibits a cold yet gentle charm.

An Intriguing Face-Off

However, there was an impressive third photo of the two male leads where Derek Hyun tied up Jun Ji Hoon’s necktie with a friendly smile. This scene raised a question of how these two men got into the circumstances.

Eric commented that Derek Hyun’s character is a polar opposite of Jun Ji Hoon. He exudes cold sharpness yet possessed an intellectual charm. He also encourages viewers to anticipate on the two characters’ face-off.

However, Im Joo Hwan expressed his adoration on his co-star Eric that he is always looking forward to filming with him on his scenes. He also added that he wanted to learn more from while they were acting together.

The upcoming drama The Spies Who Loved Me sets to premiere on October 21 at 9:20 p.m. KST.